The purpose of this section is to highlight some of the creativity that goes into projects that AE data is involved in. Sometimes there is a quick and simple solution. Sometimes a more elegant approach is required. You may use these articles as you wish as long as original credit stays with me:

Dan LaSota, AE data, Inc.

Each article is listed below in reverse order that it was edited. The articles continue in full after the “read on…” links.

The Art of GIS — Seasonal River Polygons

2009/06/23 — dan.lasota


These images were created using ArcGIS. Not everything is tables, geographical coordinate systems and tool operations. These winter and spring colored images derive from one vegetation raster on the Tanana River area south west of Fairabanks, Alaska.

This short step by step guide will demonstrate how to create images like the ones above. In order to get started you’ll need a copy of ArcGIS and a source raster. read on…